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common currency

Post by tiny moose on Thu Mar 03, 2016 1:36 pm

the least valuable wish. It manifests in the form of african beads, and requires little pain to create. thus, brimstone is more free with giving scuppies away, putting them into chipped teacups on the corners of his desk for his helpers to take. scuppies can accomplish very small things, such as making someone itch or have someone walk to a requested area.

slightly more powerful than a scuppy. these are silver in coloring and have nearly unnoticeable, strange markings scored across the metal surface. their size is roughly the same as an american half-dollar coin. helpers earn these wishes from brimstone by completing his errands, while hunters can also earn them from the tooth trade. shings are used for minor wishes, such as making eyebrows grow unnaturally fast, erasing pimples, and changing hair color.

more powerful than the previous two denominations. slightly larger than a shing, a lucknow is a dark sliver, metal circle. they can be earned through the tooth trade, although the pain involved must be greater than that required for a shing. lucknows allow people to speak new languages without learning them, and can cause physical alterations to the body, such as growing a tail. changing features of one's self can also be accomplished.

the second most powerful wish, and is the largest that can be bought from a tooth trade. only large numbers of teeth, usually three jars worth, will grant one the privilege of obtaining one. just as the previous two, this one is made of a circular metal with differing markings etched into the surface, yet this one has more of a gold finish than anything else. gavriels can grant wishes such as flight and invisibility.

the most powerful wish, and therefore requires the most pain to create. bruxis are dark in color, a shiny ebony with underlying sliver metal shining through at the slightest scratch. traders can only obtain a bruxis by self-extracting all of their own teeth. although a bruxis can accomplish the most, such as granting long life and knowledge, it can also go very wrong when parameters are not specified.
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