brimstone's shop rules

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brimstone's shop rules

Post by tiny moose on Thu Mar 03, 2016 1:33 pm

1. no teeth of the young; human, animal, or the likewise.
2. rotting or otherwise unhealthy teeth are not permitted.
3. upon entering, any must be fitted with one of issa's snakes upon their neck.
exempts from this rule are the children of brimstone, brimstone himself, and
chimaera familiar with brimstone.
4. never exit, or open, the front door.
5. never interrupt brimstone while he is conducting buisness.
6. always enter the doors one at a time. no crowds.
7. exiting or entering the door means issa must accompany you.
8. scuppies are free to brimstone's children. no others.
9. never steal.
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