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general rules

Post by tiny moose on Thu Mar 03, 2016 1:30 pm

1. species should be kept to their given amount, stated on the 'species avaliable' topic. amounts will change as more members are added and reservations will be kept for a specific species until a placing becomes avaliable if it comes to it.
2. currently there is no limit on characters but two characters of the same species should be avoided. for example: instead of having two humans, you could have a human and a chimaera. though, if you have two characters of the same species but they have differing roles, such as one being a trader and one being of brimstone's children, then you may keep them the same species.
3. for now, chimaera are limited to the few listed under the 'character' topic. once those all are claimed, new ones can be created.
4. if you're registering, try to make your username here the same as it is on cs. if you can't, simply tell me so and i'll write down who you are. c:
5. fighting should be confirmed in the other person's post. ex: 'bruno struck at rae.' 'rae felt bruno's fist catch her.' killing another person's character should be confirmed by them through pm.
6. though it is allowed, any type of intercourse should be consentual. there will be a new thread created for roleplaying out intimate scenes, so don't fret. only continue roleplaying those particular scenes if both parties are willing to. and please no pictures.
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